Oov - MS -  Mastering

Mastering is sophisticated audio processing that enhances

and technically prepares your final mix for CD replication and broadcast.


mastering is the final adjustment of tone and space so that your album is consistent

with great sounding records.

Our studio is equipped with a sophisticated collection of classic and modern equipment,
both digital and analog , that will give warmth, punch and overall

Smooth sound to your product.

at full 24/32 bits -44.1Hz WAV file , we can improve the clarity,

definition and depth of your recording.


Mix preparation

During the mixing, strive for the best sound you can get without using any processors
on the master bus. Mastering engineers are used to listen to
unprocessed material.



Do not compress the mix.
  • Do not normalize the mix.
  • Try not to limit the mix.
  • Make sure there is no clipping - have your mix peak at around -3 dB . -6 dB
  • If possible, don't do fade-ins and fade-outs during mixing. This can be done smoothly and easily in the mastering stage.
  • Do not apply any other overall processing to the entire mix as this is best left to the mastering stage.

classic and modern equipment


Please make sure that you back up your masters before sending to us. We can not be held
responsible for the loss of your only copy


For Mastering Online, please send your WAV file 

and you'll hear your song in the best quality 
within two days.

you can use free file sending services such as:



We would love to answer any of your questions-
972522723811 oovstudio@gmail.com
052-2723811  - Oov

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